KETO SUMMIT OMAHA - An amazing line up of speakers! We’re featuring Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Robert Cywes, Dr. Adam Nally, Dr. Jaime Seeman, Danny Vega, Mike Mutzel, Ask Nurse Cindy and many more! Get your tickets now!

Keto Summit Omaha is January 10th - 11th


PODCASTS and Featured Articles

Paul Saladino MD - Fundamental Health Podcast

Radix Podcast

The Connection Podcast with Jay Miralles

Highway to Health with Dr. E

The Keto Savage Podcast

Fat Fueled Family Podcast

Tara Garrison Podcast

Human Performance Outliers Podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter

Here are products that my family and I use and recommend. This list may continually change, check back often! Discount codes are listed and some are hyperlinked with the website and discount.

The Other Pill - Your birth control pills companion, if you take contraception you NEED this!

Buddies in My Belly

FBOMB - Nut Butters, pork sticks and more! - Dicount Code DrFit

Vitamin IQ - Prenatal Vitamin, Mommy Brain Support and Conceive Fertility Supplement

Ultima Electrolytes

Natural Wise Vitamin D/K2 drops

Smart Sweets

Lilys Chocolate

Lankato Maple Syrup

KNOW Foods Products and Maple Syrup

Pederson Farms


Joov Red Light Therapy - Photobiomodulation

Holly’s Healthy Holes - Keto, Paleo, healthy donuts!

Beauty Counter Products - Safe Beauty products without chemicals

Oura Ring - Sleep and Activity Tracker

Laura’s Lean Meats

Vital Choice Salmon Roe

Primal Foods

Redmond Real Salt - Discount Code: DrFit

Caribique - Discount Code: DrFit

Kalahari Biltong

Colorado Craft Beef - Discount Code: DRFAB

Carbon Shade Blue Light Blockers - Discount Code: DRFIT


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